Horwath Laundry is your provider of coin laundry equipment.  We provide heavy duty equipment that has the best features in the industry.  We have the equipment to fully stock your coin laundry.  We have been Huebsch distributors for over 50 years and Milnor distributors for over 58 years.  Do not hesitate to use us for your laundry design and consulting needs.


Our partners include Huebsch, ADC, Milnor, High Mark Manufacturing, Vend-Rite, Natco, Hamilton Engineering, Energentics, Fulton and Standard Change Maker.

Available in 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 and 100 lb capacities, Huebsch's washer-extractors with eBoost are built for maximum performance.

Vended Washers

Available in 25, 30, stacked 30, 35, stacked 45, 50, 55 and 75 lb capacities, Huebsch vended tumble dryers offer efficient, dependable drying every time

Vended Dryers


Equipped with innovation that delivers ultimate efficiency, they help lower your utility bills and make more money for you over the lifetime of your equipment. 

Small Chassis

Laundry Planning & Design


Horwath Laundry will provide you with all the tools and services you need to plan and design your laundry.   We can provide you a preliminary drawing, utility schedule, 3D view, construction drawing and a photo realistic rendering of your laundry.


Huebsch Case Study

The Laundry Café owners encourage new investors to consider a coin laundromat business with Huebsch.

Huebsch Case Study

Business partners team with Huebsch to realize their dreams in Philadelphia.

Huebsch Financing

Discover how Huebsch® Financial develops personalized financing plans to help laundry owners realize their business goals

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I believe in Huebsch, we have a lot of their equipment, and rarely have problems with it.  We purchase all our Equipment through Horwath Laundry.  We have all our service work done through Horwath Laundry as well.  We here at Black Hills Laundry believe in Honesty, Integrity, and Character, thus we like to do business with companies that share those values.  Horwath has those values, and the employees I deal with have those values.   

Randy Sowers

Rapid City, South Dakota

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