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Horwath Laundry is your provider of industrial laundry equipment.  Whether you are doing healthcare, industrial, dry cleaning, uniforms or party rental we have you covered.  Our full line of professional laundry equipment can outfit your entire plant.  We have been Milnor distributor for over 58 years and Chicago and Huebsch distributors for over 50 years.  Do not hesitate to use us for your laundry design and consulting needs. We have installed and service commercial laundries in over 60 plants in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota. 


Our partners include Milnor, Chicago, CLM, ADC, Huebsch, Kemco, Hamilton Engineering, Energetics, Fulton, Union, Ferenta, Fulton and Unipress. 

Tunnel Systems

Custom made for the customer’s specific needs.

More modules give greater production.

Mentor control allows pre-determined temperature and chemical levels for each individual bath.

Top transfer increases productivity and gives better control of chemicals.

Superior cylinder design and double drum construction.

Suspended Washers

60 lb. - 700 lb. Capacity 

Chicago Equipment

Chicago specializes in commercial laundry finishing systems. The knowledge, dedication and creativity of our factory staff, combined with local technical expertise, product innovation, quality and tradition are powerful reasons to choose Chicago as your single source for flatwork finishing solutions.

ADC Dryers

ADC’s industrial dryers are built upon the principle of large capacity and swift production at an affordable price. With full capacity tumblers and various door and tilt configurations, you are assured the ability to dry fast and efficiently without the large price tag. 

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