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Horwath Laundry is your provider of on-premise laundry equipment.  Whether you are doing hospitality, nursing/assisted living homes, hospitals, fitness centers, education, fire departments, meat packing facilities, salons/spas, or farms, we have you covered. Our full line of on-premise laundry equipment can outfit your entire laundry.  We have been Milnor distributor for over 60 years, Chicago and Huebsch distributors for over 50 years.  Do not hesitate to use us for your laundry design and consulting needs. 

Our partners include: Milnor, ADC, Huebsch, Chicago, Fulton, Hamilton Engineering and Energetics. 

Commercial Washers

An industry leader in equipment longevity.

Commercial Dryers

Huebsch commercial tumble dryers deliver fast drying without wasting energy.

Commercial Dryers

ADC offers a variety of different dryer models that perform flawlessly even when demands are high. If you’re looking for efficiency and round-the-clock reliability, look to ADC.

Finishing Equipment

Chicago as your single source for flatwork finishing solutions.


Dryer Exhaust Filtration, Linen Cart Sanitation, In-Plant Air Filtration and Dryer Exhaust Air Control.

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