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Equipment - Coin Operated Laundry Equipment

Horwath Laundry is your provider of coin laundry equipment.  We provide heavy duty equipment that have the best features in the industry.  We have the equipment to fully stock your coin laundry.  We have been Huebsch distributors for over 50 years and Milnor distributors for over 58 years.  Do not hesitate to use us for your laundry design and consulting needs. Our partners include: Huebsch, ADC, Milnor, High Mark Manufacturing, Vend-Rite, Natco, Hamilton Enginerring, Energentics, Fulton and Standard Change Maker.

Invest in Laundromats

  • Advantages of owning a laundromat

    • People always need clean clothes.  Even during an economic downturn, coin laundries are thriving and generally recession-resistant.  With repeat business, low labor costs and an all cash business, there is a high return on investment.  There are many businesses out there that take years to break even.  With owning a restaurant, for example, it could be a minimum of five years before you actually see a profit.  But with coin laundry, the overhead is lower and hitting your breakeven point comes a lot faster, meaning you will see a faster return on your investment and begin to enjoy the profits.  This is not a business where you have to work a lot of hours to enjoy a return on your investment.  Most can be operated on a part-time basis.  It's easy-to-run.  Many coin laundry owners spend the bulk of their time doing some light cleaning, preventative maintenance of equipment and/or cash collection.
  • Choosing a location

    • We can provide you the demographics for finding the ideal location that will evaluate the following information:
      • Population analysis
      • Traffic/Access
      • Percentage of Renters in the area
      • Household income
      • Competition
  • Analysis of a store

    • Once we determine the location we can provide a more in depth analysis that includes:
      • Estimated Proforma including potential ROI.
      • Design & Layout of the store.
      • Construction Estimates
      • Total Costs
      • Best equipment mix for your store.
  • Financing

    • If you’re interested in purchasing an existing Laundromat, Huebsch Financial is your one-stop resource.
    • Offer financing for up to 65% of the value of your target purchase.
    • Plus, Huebsch Finanical can finance the purchase of an existing location with the purchase of new Huebsch equipment.

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